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Doraemon X APK


Update Jul 26, 2023

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

4.4/5 (1000+)

NameDoraemon X
PublisherHotmilk Patreon
Size 101 MB
UpdateUp to date

Overview of the Game

Doraemon X APK Part 2 Latest Version is a unique action game that combines the usual mechanics of fighting games with a compelling narrative centered on the problem of school violence.

The Doraemon game features players in an animated school environment where they fight to defeat bullies and get justice. With pixelated 2D visuals that echo the charm of retro games, School Dot Fight delivers gaming and modern gameplay.

Doraemon X APK

Attractive Features of the Game

There’s no shortage of attractive features in Doraemon X APK Part 2 2023 Free Download. Doraemon has no shortage of attractive features, from the control scheme to the difficulty levels, the game offers a challenging experience to both casual and hardcore gamers. Players expect to battle against multiple enemies using an arsenal of basic and advanced fighting skills. Apart from this, items like grenades, machine guns and rocket launchers are used to enhance the game.

Highlights of Dogas Doraemon

At the heart of the Doraemon X game is a compelling story that draws you into Doraemon’s world. It gives you a thrilling experience full of entertainment, mystery and a little bit of mystery. This compelling story adds to the depth of the game, making your gaming experience more engaging than a mobile game.

A colorful world

Doraemon Zuka takes players to a different world where cities, villages and many exotic locations are found vibrantly. From Nobita’s school to the Museum of Time, you can discover familiar places.

Doraemon X APK
doraemon x

Adventure discovery

adventure quest
As Nobita, the player embarks on an adventurous journey through many different levels. Overcoming many obstacles and continuing to solve complex puzzles becomes the path to progress, giving us a sense of excitement and accomplishment.

Graphics and sound

With realistic 2D graphics, the game gives users an original cartoon-like experience. If you are interesting of anime movies, the character image is highly similar.


Doraemon Its NSFW tag and its unique approach tackle a serious social issue through gaming on traditional platforms. Whether you’re looking for thrilling battles, an engaging story, or a journey with retro-style graphics, or a take on School Dot Fight Worth giving a chance.

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