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Maritime Injury Attorney

Maritime Personal Injury Attorney | Serving customers along the East and Gulf Coasts.

Accidents can result in serious injuries and even death in any location and on any surface, even the water. If these boating accidents result from the negligence or infractions of another, the injured and the survivors of the victims might be entitled to compensation under the law. This is the basis of the personal injury legal system. The Maritime Law Firm of Fulweiler LLC where you will find John K. Get the expert maritime legal advice you require in an injury to the maritime or maritime wrongful-death case from John Fullweiler, Esq. John is recognized as a Proctor-in-Admiralty by the Maritime Law Association of the United States. The Fulweiler LLC, a Maritime Accident Law Firm Fulweiler LLC provides aggressive legal representation in all types of watercraft, or any kind of marine environment such as tug boat and barge collisions to injury to cruise ship vessels commercial fishing boat accidents as well as recreational boating injuries yacht-related accidents, as being involved in dock, shipyard and pier injuries. Fulweiler LLC assists clients in seeking recourse in accordance with (i) general maritime laws, (ii) the Jones Act and (iii) the Longshore Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, among other legal claims.

Maritime Injury Attorney
Maritime Injury Attorney

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The maritime personal injury law and claims for wrongful death | Maritime Injury Attorney

If you or someone close to you is injured or you’ve suffered the loss of a family member within the maritime setting It is crucial to work with an attorney who has experience with maritime law and personal injury. In Fullweiler LLC, you’ll find an attorney who is hands-on in maritime as well as legal knowledge and a long track of record.

In the event of a maritime injury claim you could be entitled to financial damages, including the totality of medical expenses, any likely future medical expenses arising to your injury, and income loss or potential. Other non-economic damages could include suffering, pain emotional distress or loss of enjoyment. Family members who have suffered the loss of a beloved member you could be entitled to funeral expenses, medical expenses, lost income or financial assistance to the person who died, as well as damages to compensate for emotional distress, companionship or the grief that comes with the loss of your loved one. Fulweiler LLC will rigorously investigate accidents, injuries or death circumstances to identify the potential sources of liability as well as prepare and record claims, then then negotiate an equitable settlement. When a fair settlement is not reached, Fullweiler LLC will pursue your legal rights in the courts.

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Unexpected injuries or a death in the family that shouldn’t had to happen in the first place could result in a great deal of grief, stress and financial burden. It is crucial to safeguard the rights of your lawful representative and pursue justice using an legal procedure. The process of litigation can give peace of mind and closure of the matter as well as ensuring that your financial security even in the event of emergencies.

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