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migrating wordpress site to bluehost

Things to think about prior to moving your WordPress website

Before you can move your website using your backup software, it is necessary to create a backup of your website installation. There are a few points to be considered that can help make the migration process simpler for you. Before you move your WordPress website, you should take the following steps:

  • Switch off the caching
  • Turn off security plugins in order to get rid of them.
  • Take out any duplicates which could interfere with the recovering backup files.
  • WordPress should be installed using the BoldGrid plugin in the destination site (where you’d like to move your WordPress website to).

BoldGrid Backup is a BoldGrid Backup plugin must be installed on both your source as well as your destination location.

Backup your WordPress website

After you’ve reviewed your website and verified that you’ve read the preceding aspects of your site then you’re ready to begin backup.

  1. Log in to your WordPress administrator dashboard,
  2. Go to the BoldGrid Backup option Click on it.
  3. Be sure to have enough storage space for backups. If your database or website size is larger than the support capacity it will show this bar in red.

  4. Set the dates, times and archives you’d like to save. Note that backups running can impact the performance of your website. Therefore, it’s recommended to make backups at times when you don’t anticipate a large number of people to visit your site.

  5. Choose if you wish to utilize Autobackup prior to an update. and check back for an for an alternative

  6. Include an email address for notification of backup completion.

  7. Find where your backups are stored. Be aware that this location is defaulted to the location of your installation on your server. Make sure to delete this file from your server in order to free up space on the server.

  8. Select whether you’re using the premium as well as for a free version that comes with the BoldGrid plugin.

  9. Click on the Save button to save changes,

As stated in the previous list of factors It is recommended that you install WordPress at the location you want to use. For more details, see the following article. In order to install WordPress by using Softaculous and you must incorporate BoldGrid Backup as a BoldGrid Backup plugin into your WordPress installation. You can also use the software to run a manual WordPress installation in the event that you do not have access to an app which can assist you in the speedy WordPress installation.

Keep in mind that InMotion Hosting offers fast, secure WordPress hosting at an affordable price that will fit any budget.

Moving your WordPress website using BoldGrid

Once the backup is completed and you are in a position to access your backup files. BlueHost makes use of cPanel to connect with the server. This means that you will be able to access your backup files with it’s cPanel the file management. Use the following steps to transfer your website onto the server you are using.

You can use the file location you chose in step 6 of the backup process to locate your backup file. It is possible that you be required to sign in to the BlueHost interface to access to access the cPanel management of your files, but utilize your preferred FTP client.


Utilize a file manager, and/or an FTP client that you prefer for downloading the file onto your personal computer. Be sure to know the location of the file so that you can access it at any time you need it

Log in for BoldGrid Administrator on your destination server.

Scroll down BoldGrid Backup. click on Categories or Backup Archive on the menu bar to the left.


In backup archives in the Backup archives section, there is an inventory of backup files. Because you are moving your website, you need not have backups in this list. However, if you have already uploaded the file manually onto the destination server and you can find it. Be aware that large files might require uploading using one of our FTP program or contact Our live tech support service to get assistance. In accordance with the instructions for backups with large amounts, “Manually uploaded archive files must be named with “boldgrid-backup(or “boldgrid-backup”)” Boldgrid Backup ID “68678c21” and end in “.zip” for them to be acknowledged. 


In the section titled Uploading a backup archive, select “Like” to download the backup file that you downloaded previously. Make sure that the filename begin with “boldgrid-backup–” to be identified.


Utilizing the cPanel In the cPanel File Manager to select Upload Upload for the transfer of files to Web server. After you click Upload it will let you choose the file. You can make use of an FTP client to accomplish this.

Take note of this article if you’re having problems uploading files size limits. How can you change the maximum size for uploads,


After the file has completed uploading, you should find the file listed as a backup the restore option to finish the site recovery.


Log out, then log back in to the site to view the site returned

Make sure to point to your domain, and try it

After the migration is completed After the migration is complete, there’s one final step you’ll need to take. change the name server. Your domain’s name will be linked to InMotion Hosting server. The time for domain promotion typically can take up to 24 hours to complete the switch. After this time has expired, you’ll want to verify the site to confirm that everything is functioning properly.

Modify your Name Server

The steps needed to alter the name server used by your domain are contingent upon where the domain’s name has been registered. For more details you can go to the DNS update page for your domain.the most basic steps are:

  • Logging into the interface of your domain registrar
  • Select your domain
  • Changing the nameservers to: And
  • Make sure to save any changes

If the domain you have registered through InMotion Hosting you can make changes through InMotion Hosting’s Account Control Panel (AMP): How to Edit the Nameservers in Your Domain Nameservers within AMP,

Checking your domain name server for changes

The most efficient way to determine the domain name that has changed is to perform the WHOIS lookup or search for the nameservers to find out where the domain name is hosted. Every hosting service has its own number of DNS servers. In the event that your domain has been hosted on InMotion Hosting, it is possible to make use of your Account Management Panel (AMP) to review the information. Take note that DNS modifications such as changing the name server can require up to 24 hours for processing. After the change has been made you’ll be able to type in your domain’s name into your web browser, and then visit your site. For more information, check out the article Update your domain’s nameservers and DNS for more information about updating your domain’s nameservers.

Test your newly migrated site

After the move to another location is complete, check it out to ensure all is functioning just as it did at the previous site. For more information about testing your site, check out the test section of your WordPress site after the migration for more information. Make sure you review the functionality and pages of your website to confirm that your migration is been successfully completed

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