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oil rig accident lawyer

Our unbeatable oil rig and offshore blast lawyers have been renowned for obtaining record-breaking verdicts and settlements on behalf of offshore oil rigs platform, barge and platform operators throughout Texas, Louisiana and throughout the Gulf Coast.

Not only is he unbeaten He has also secured billions in compensation for victims of offshore explosions and their families. We have lawyers for oil rig explosions.

oil rig accident lawyer
  • Successfully represented 1000 The biggest offshore accident and explosion ever recorded which included workers who were injured by the BP Deepwater Horizon explosion

Recently, our attorney for victims of explosions came to an agreement worth $90millionfor the oilfield employee who died after being burnt during a blowout which is the largest oilfield blowout settlement in the history of the industry.

Our unbeaten oil blast and rig accident legal team has successfully represented people who suffered horrific injuries as well as killed by some tragic workplace accidents and explosions of recent times.

  • Phillips 66 explosion in Paradise, Louisiana
  • Williams Pipeline explosion in Gibson, Louisiana.
  • BP Deepwater Horizon
  • BP Texas City
  • Williams Geismar Eruption
  • International paper plant explosion
  • Imperial Sugar Refinery Explosion
  • ConocoPhillips explosion

Are you injured in an pipeline, oil rig and platform blast? Contact us here or at 1-888-603-33636 to schedule a no-cost consultation with one of our outstanding oil rig accident lawyers

If you (or your loved ones) are employed on a barge, platform or land rig, or an offshore rig deadly accidents and fatalities are more frequent for the gas and oil industry than in any other sector in the nation.

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In actual fact there are deaths on the job in the gas and oil industry seven percent greater than in any other US industry, as per OSHA,

In 2020, for instance the overall rate of injuries for oil and gas workers as well as contractors and workers in the petrochemical industry was five times more than any other industry in the nation.

Explosions from refineries and oil rigs are increasing in Louisiana

Our lawyers have successfully represented the workers in the most tragic explosions of platforms and oil rigs in the past and offshore rig explosions, our attorneys have seen time and again an immediate correlation between devastating explosions at work and workplace accidents, as well as the management’s obsession with increasing profits of corporations. that isThe more attention is placed on profits as a result, more explosives and other devastating accidents happen.

Ryan Zehl discussed this during an interview with Houma Times. The alarming number of refinery, plant as well as platform fires that have occurred in Louisiana indicates that oil rigs, factories and refineries may be getting more hazardous for workers.

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Pipelines, oil rigs, and platforms should not explode.

The explosion should not happen.

If they do, it’s almost all the time occur due to the speed at which work was completed and safety rules were not followed so that businesses and operators could maximize profits.

In general, typical causes of offshore and onshore oil rig fires include:

  • Fast acting and not performing the essential hazard assessment
  • Inadequacies in the management of safety for processes such as the inability to conduct a process hazard analysis, safety checks prior to startup as well as change management.
  • Contractors not adequately trained
  • Inability to lockout properly and/or tagout equipment that is not intrinsically safe prior to getting started on hot work.
  • Inability to adhere to safety measures prior to beginning work, for example, JSAs and work stoppages

The operators and businesses will do all they can to stop you from receiving the compensation you deserve

Whatever the legal counsel and the companies they represent tell you following an accident, or explosion, you need to realize that they’re looking at their own bottom line.

Their main goal and priority is to help the business save as much money as they can while paying your family and you as little as is possible. The presence of a lawyer in your home protects your family and you from claiming damages you legally have the right to.

The most common tactics and strategies used by businesses to keep injured workers from getting fully compensated for their injuries are:

  • Making recorded statements from injured workers prior to making the decision to hire their own lawyers
  • Workers injured in an accident have to sign documents that block them from pursuing damages from the business through an injury lawsuit
  • Invoking the worker’s fault for the accident

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Don’t place your future in the hands of corporations and their lawyers

Whatever the company or its claims representatives claim they’re not in the best interest of you. Their goal is to save the business money, and they’ll go to any length to keep you from recovering damages to which you’re legally entitled.

Like companies that have lawyers on their payroll and lawyers for their clients, it is crucial that you hire an expert oil accident lawyer watching out for you and protecting you.

Your lawyer can be in a position to clarify the rights you have and your options. Also, look over any documentation the company gives you or attempts to force you to sign. Also, be sure not to make any declarations or do something else similar to the firm or its lawyers. This could be used against you in the future.

All consultations are completely free and confidential. You won’t pay a cent unless your lawyer prevails in your case.

Contact our unbeaten offshore oil rig blast attorneys for free consultation by calling 1-888-603-3636 or click here

If you or someone close to you was injured or tragically killed as a result of an pipeline, oil rig, or explosion on a platform, our unbeatable oil rig explosion lawyers can help.

With the biggest compensation settlement for oilfield accidents in US history that has won billions for oilfield workers injured Our offshore explosion lawyers have the expertise, resources and knowledge to ensure that families and you receive most possible amount of compensation and the finest medical treatment. We are available for all injuries and damage.

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Our lawyers will be able to answer any questions you have, explain your rights, and outline your options so that you are able to make the best choice for yourself as well as your loved ones.

All consultations are completely free and private, and you don’t have to pay us anything until we’ve won your case.

Contact us at at 1-888-603-336 or click here send a secure email via Our contact page.

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