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offshore accident attorney

Get legal assistance following an Offshore Accident with an experienced Offshore Injury Lawyer

If an accident happens off shore the damage can be life-changing, traumatic and lasting. Along with the immense suffering and pain, those who are victims of an offshore incident face significant medical bills, loss of income, and much more. In the event that you are or someone you love was injured in an offshore incident it is important to talk with an experienced lawyer who specializes in offshore injuries immediately. While the legal system could be daunting, especially if you’re dealing with serious injury, an experienced offshore accident lawyer can assist you throughout through the process, and help you make the right choices for yourself or your relatives.

offshore accident attorney
offshore accident attorney

Assisting Offshore Workers and Their Families

Our Willis Law Firm has decades of experience in representing victims of accidents that occurred offshore. Although the laws that govern these kinds of injuries are complex Our firm has the experience and resources needed to help you get the compensation you need.

If we are involved in an accident case , we work to create a team of experts who carefully examine and analyze the circumstances and facts surrounding your injuries sustained offshore. If you’ve been injured during an offshore construction accident or in a severe slip and fall or oil rig drilling incident or explosion, or some other kind of offshore incident, we are aware of what you’re experiencing. Our legal team strives to build a strong lawsuit against all the parties accountable for your injuries.

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Common Offshore Claims Covered By the Jones Act and Other Laws

The Jones Act (and the other laws protecting offshore workers) cover all types of accidents that occur offshore. If you’ve been hurt offshore, the issue is not about how you were injured but rather, what type of claim you are able to make. All the most common kinds of offshore accidents are covered and include:

  • Slips and trips Slips and Trips are typical on vessels platforms and offshore cranes and oil rigs as well as other offshore sites. Most injuries involve the soft tissues (i.e. strains, sprains, and tears) as well as bone fractures and concussions.
  • Falls from height Falls from a high places can result in severe and painful injuries. If you’ve fallen down staircase, from the upper deck, or from an elevated height in any situation, you may want to employ an Jones Act lawyer to help you get the compensation you deserve.
  • Falls Overboard Falls Overboard Falls overboard could lead the Jones Act and other claims in addition. This can include falls overboard from vessels, ships platforms, rigs, platforms and various fixed and floating jobs offshore.
  • Explosions and fires – Explosions and fires on oil rigs, vessels and other offshore work areas can be very dangerous due to obvious reasons. If you’ve suffered burns that are severe during an offshore fire or an explosion could be entitled to substantial damages.
  • Injury from falling objects, flying and swinging The fall of equipment and other materials, safety equipment and other objects can result in head injuries and other. This is also true for swinging cranes, flying debris and booms, as well as various other objects that move.
  • Accidents with Equipment and Machinery Machinery and equipment accidents are a common cause of injuries at sea on the vessels of fishing and cargo oil rigs and many other offshore work places.
  • Exposure to toxic substances or extreme Temperatures The risk of exposure is a major risk for workers working offshore as well. This includes exposure to harmful substances as well as extreme temperatures.

Most Common Offshore Accident Injuries Explained by an Offshore Injury Lawyer

Even in good weather and in calm waters, maritime workers face a significant danger of getting injured, especially when negligence is at play. In addition, the reality that maritime workers are located far from the nearest emergency services or medical facility. It usually takes several hours before help arrives by Coast Guard vessels or helicopters.

As with other maritime accidents the injuries resulting from offshore accidents can be like those that are caused by normal personal injury accidents, but nevertheless, they fall into a certain group of kinds, which includes:

  • Hypothermia resulting from falls on board
  • Injury to the spinal cord
  • Head injuries to the head
  • Neck injuries
  • Injury to the shoulder
  • Broken bones
  • Broken branches
  • Amputations or loss of limbs
  • Lacerations and cuts
  • Scarring
  • Traumatic brain injuries to the brain
  • Burns
  • Respiratory illnesses
  • Lung damage due to the inhalation of smoke or chemical fumes

All of these injuries could result in a long and lengthy recovery times which can put a lot of stress on those who have suffered injuries and families. It is your responsibility to talk to an offshore injury lawyer to discuss your options for compensation.

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Offshore injuries lawyers are an attorney who concentrates on representing maritime workers injured in an accident. The laws protecting marine workers are different from the laws which protect land-based workers and obtaining fair compensation following an offshore incident requires a deep knowledge of the laws applicable. It is also necessary to know the typical kinds of offshore accidents, as well as the procedures used to investigate the cause of an accident on the rig, vessel or platform that is in open water.

Why Do Seamen Need an Offshore Accident Attorney ?

If you’re a seafarer and have been injured at work There are a variety of reasons to seek out an attorney for offshore injuries. The first is to avoid making mistakes that could compromise any legal right. An experienced lawyer can tell you what you should do and not do to ensure you’re legally able to receive fair compensation.

The second is that you require an offshore accident attorney who can handle your employer as well as its insurer on behalf of you. The process of obtaining compensation for an off-shore accident, including “no-fault” benefit for maintenance or cure – isn’t an easy process or simple. Businesses do everything to not pay for the injuries suffered by seamen. A seasoned offshore injury lawyer will be able to defeat their tactics of defense and take your case to court if it is necessary.

Third, you should know the maximum amount you are able to get back. While certain seamen are only entitled to maintenance and cure payments while others are legally entitled to much more. An attorney from offshore will precisely calculate the losses you have suffered for you and assure you that you are getting the compensation you are entitled to.

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Who is Liable for Your Offshore Accident?

If you’ve suffered an injury on the offshore, you might be seeking out who is responsible. The simple answer is “it differs.” We have the responsibility to work with Willis Law Firm as your offshore injury lawyer to determine who is responsible for the accident and injuries. The following entities are possible plaintiffs in your lawsuit:

  • A coworker who didn’t comply with safety procedures
  • Your supervisor was reckless or negligent
  • Employers who fail to adequately safeguard workers from injury
  • A captain of a vessel who was accountable for a rig incident or vessel accident
  • The manufacturer of an item or product that is defective.

What Should You Do if Your Employer Contests Your Injuries?

Certain companies that employ offshore employees are big companies that can afford powerful lawyers to litigate cases in which workers have been injured. If your employer disputes the injuries you that you sustained while working offshore and you are injured, consult an Louisiana offshore injury lawyer by calling Willis Law Firm immediately for an evaluation of your case. Our firm has extensive experience in fighting for injured workers in maritime cases against “the big players.” A seasoned lawyer can advocate for your rights, and can file an action if required.

What Types of Accidents Do Offshore Injury Lawyers Handle?

Offshore injury lawyers deal with every kind of maritime accident. These include accidents on the water as well as accidents on the water, and incidents that involve all occupations and jobs. They manage accidents that involve colleagues’ errors as well as incidents involving unsafe maintenance on the vessel, horseplay and many other issues.

Is an Offshore Injury Attorney Expensive?

It’s not costly to employ an attorney from overseas. In fact it’s absolutely nothing out of your pocket. Offshore accident lawyers offer contingency fee representation, which means that their clients only pay when they are successful.

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How Do I Find an Offshore Injuries Lawyer Who Can Help Me?

Some offshore accident lawyers have a practice in certain states or cities It can be difficult to locate a seasoned lawyer to assist you. The Willis Law Firm is a great choice. Willis Law Firm, we deal with offshore accidents for seamen across the country. All the way from Atlantic up to Pacific as well as from The Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico We are able to assist you if you’ve been injured while working offshore.

Should I Contact an Offshore Injury Attorney ?

If you’ve been injured while working offshore, you must seek out an attorney. You have no reason not to do so. You can request a complimentary initial consultation (all information you divulge will remain strictly private) And, if you’re claiming you will not have to pay any costs or fees unless you have an attorney who can help you get compensation that is fair and reasonable.

What to Do After an Offshore Accident

1. Report the Accident to Your Employer Promptly

If you suffer an injury while working It is crucial to immediately report the incident at your workplace. This can help you avoid having to answer being asked about the reason and how you were injured, and helps to ensure that you receive any compensation as soon as you can.

Be truthful when reporting your offshore mishap. Don’t exaggerate any information Do not base your conclusions on assumptions and don’t lie about what occurred. If you are caught making false claims in your correspondence with your boss, it could affect your eligibility for benefits.

2. Make Sure Your Employer’s Account of the Accident is Accurate

In the same way that you should verify that your account of the incident is correct and accurate, you must also verify that your employer’s knowledge of the incident is accurate also. To ensure this it is important to request an exact document of what happened and read it with care. If you find anything that isn’t right or any important information was left out You may wish to write a statement in writing to keep in a the file.

3. See Your Own Doctor

If you sustained injuries while on the water and suffered an injury, you might have been forced to go to your employer’s doctor. Once you’re back on the shore, you must consult your doctor immediately. Unfortunately, the doctors in corporate offices are not always able to keep employees with their best interests in mind. Therefore, you should consult the doctor you prefer to receive an objective diagnosis.

4. Make Sure You Don’t Go Back to Work Too Soon

If you are diagnosed You must be able to resist the urge (or the pressure of your boss) to return to work too quickly. You have the right to the rest and recuperation time to fully heal.

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5. Make Sure You Follow All of Your Doctor’s Advice

As well as being home from work (if advised) You should also adhere to your doctor’s other recommendations and follow your doctor’s other recommendations. This covers everything from taking prescribed medication to making regular follow-up appointments.

6. Keep Track of Your Medical Needs and Expenses

If you’re dealing with an injury claim from overseas It is crucial to keep the track of your medical needs and costs. Keep all your medical information and bills in one folder, and don’t be afraid to contact the doctor’s office should you have any questions.

7. Speak with an Offshore Injury Lawyer to discuss the possibility of Jones Act Compensation

The process of recovering your losses following an incident off the coast requires the assistance from an attorney adept at dealing with Jones Act and other maritime injuries claims. With Willis Law Firm, your initial consultation is completely free and private, and you don’t pay a dime unless we assist you receive the financial compensation you deserve.

Contact the Willis Law Firm for a Free Consultation with a renowned Offshore Injury Lawyer

If you’ve been injured during an off-shore accident, it is important to speak with an offshore injury lawyer whenever you can. These kinds of accidents are complex and serious, therefore you’ll need a solid legal team to help. When you partner with our firm that handles off-shore injury A seasoned offshore accident lawyer will take the time to detail what’s going on through every step of the legal procedure. We will defend your rights and fight for an honest and just settlement from the parties accountable for your pain. Contact us today by calling us at 1-800-468-4878. Initial consultations with us are always absolutely free and confidential.

Our offshore accident lawyers can assist clients throughout the world, including important maritime states like Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia and Alabama.

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