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offshore injury lawyer

If you’re a sea sailor probably recognize how dangerous work in the maritime industry is. Injuries and accidents are all too frequent. A lot of these injuries result in maritime workers suffering from severe health issues and huge medical expenses. As an offshore worker however, you are protected by legal rights under maritime general law as well as the Jones Act that protect you in the event of an accident. Because maritime law has its own regulations and rules that differ from law governing land regarding injuries and accidents It is essential to hire an experienced attorney for offshore injuries who is specialized in and is knowledgeable about maritime law. Disability benefits.

offshore injury lawyer
offshore injury lawyer

What is an offshore injury lawyer?

Offshore lawyers concentrate on maritime law cases (sometimes called admiralty laws). These special sets of laws were drafted specifically in the context of maritime law, and to protect workers from injuries, accidents and illnesses. Laws pertaining to maritime are different to any other kind of disability law, which includes workers compensation, which is only applicable to workers working offshore. The laws that govern maritime law are extremely complex , and not all attorneys have the knowledge of the way maritime laws are interpreted by statutes, regulations and laws. An offshore lawyer assists workers injured in the workplace through their understanding of maritime law to ensure their clients obtain the benefits they deserve.

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Why do seafarers require an attorney for offshore injuries?

When seafarers get injured at work, on ships or in an offshore facility and are injured, they can claim reimbursement for medical costs and living expenses during their recovery. This type of compensation, also known as “maintenance and cure is mandated under the provisions of general maritime law that regulates personal injuries that occur on the job. In many instances employers and their insurers try to cover a small portion of in some instances, that maintenance or cure.

Employers typically are reluctant to admit that they are accountable for injuries suffered by their employees on vessels and other offshore structures. In addition to affecting their profits, but it also harms their image. In many instances they don’t just challenge claims, but will also retaliate against employees who want to seek compensation by making it more difficult for claimants to get other maritime employment. This tactic to retaliate is known as blacklisting.

Since offshore injuries are in a location far enough away that they can be investigated with no hassle It is easy for a business to attempt to appear more favorable to them over the injured workers. When an incident occurs offshore an employer is required to provide investigators and lawyers with short notice to make sure that the evidence is consistent with the events as they were described and makes it more difficult for the victim to file an appropriate claim. Offshore injury lawyers are skilled in recognizing these strategies and are well-trained to deal with the challenges that arise from maritime litigation.

Sailors also have the right to compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, as well as suffering and pain under the Jones Act. For maritime workers who aren’t seafarers, for instance, a longshoreman or harbormaster There are various other positions that provide protection in the case of an accident or injury. A knowledgeable offshore injury lawyer is in a position to discuss the options available to you and make sure you get the compensation you’re entitled to.

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What kinds of injuries and accidents does an offshore injury lawyer handle?

Offshore injury lawyers cover any maritime incident in which an injured seaman is by the negligence of an other person. Examples of this include the inability for employers

  • Make sure you have adequate safety training
  • Check that everything is functioning
  • Wear appropriate protection gear and safety equipment
  • Set aside appropriate time for rest and breaks
  • Make sure work areas are free of dangerous materials and debris
  • Signs of caution are posted in the appropriate locations
  • Check that the stability of steps and ladders and functional

If you’ve been injured as a result of one of the scenarios given above or due to reasons which could have been avoided by a proper employer’s conduct An experienced attorney from offshore will collaborate with you to understand the details of your case . They will also ensure that you are aware of your rights under the law. and other options.

What happens if I don’t have the money to pay an injury lawyer in the offshore market?

The majority of offshore injury lawyers realize that if you’re currently working but aren’t able to work due to an injury, then you do not have the funds upfront to pay attorney costs. However, skilled and experienced offshore injury attorneys typically provide financial assistance prior to the time of your appointment. They can offer payment options that are on a contingency basis. A contingency fee is simply a way of saying you don’t pay any upfront. The attorney’s fee is never paid until after you win your case at which point a percent of the attorney’s fees is due. Fees are decided in advance by the attorney and you.

It is crucial to remember that it’s always recommended to select an offshore injury attorney who provides a payment plan with a contingency. If an upfront fee is needed to settle your case, there’s an excellent chance that the lawyer does not have the resources to be able to represent you effectively.

Compensation for marine-related injuries

Although maintenance and cure benefits have to be paid no matter the way the accident happened You may also be entitled to emotional injury as well as pain and suffering disfigurement, medical expenses and loss of earnings. An attorney from overseas will evaluate your case and advocate for you to ensure you get the highest benefits that are possible.

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If you’ve suffered an injury If you have been injured, it is essential avoid signing any documents until you are aware of your rights and the compensation you might have the right to. For more details about your rights and compensation, please read the article Maritime Rights and Compensation.

Information and resources for additional resources

For more information on maritime injuries Legal right and resource information, as well as to better understand your rights we encourage you to complete an informational maritime injury form.

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